Home Security Tips

To prevent crime in the house, some of the home security tips that can be adopted include:

Locking the house- this should be done even when you are stepping out for a short period of time as there are many burglars who have just walked in through an unlocked window or door. Changing the tumblers and locks especially when you move into another house as you never know who might have duplicated the keys. When picking out the alarm systems, carry out a lot of intensive research to get the best in the market. This should be one that conceals all the wiring as most criminals look for ways of disconnecting the systems. Try the wireless options as they are usually more effective.

When planning to go on a vacation, it is important to create the illusion that someone is in the house as this can scare away the burglars. You can make arrangements with a trusted neighbor to get into the house often to open and close the curtains while checking up on the house. Alternatively, timers can be used to switch on the TV, radios and lights when no one is in.  This makes it appear like it is occupied at all times.

In case there are any alarm security systems that are faulty, make sure there are repaired immediately and inform those around you that it working in the right way. This is vital because many people will ignore an alarm that goes off all the time when there is no danger. This is dangerous because when you are faced by real danger; your neighbors may think it’s the alarm misbehaving again. A spring latch lock may be an easy prey especially for “loiding” professionals. Loiding is the process where individuals use credit cards on the latch tongue to unlock doors. Using a deadbolt prevents this and only becomes vulnerable when there is space between the frame and door that allows the intruder to use a hacksaw or other power tools.

You can also install security cameras especially if it is a large house where you might not know the activities in the other rooms. These also help to catch the thieves fast as the law enforcers are able to identify them from the footage. Get together with the neighbors to come up with home safety measures that are used to enhance safety like neighborhood watches to prevent crime from happening in the area.

If you happen to lose the keys, change the locks at once. Vet professional house cleaners very careful to ensure they are trustworthy and honest before giving them your key to work on the house. Avoid putting spare keys under the doormats, in the mailbox or behind the garage door where many people can access them. Instead, it is better to wrap it in foils paper and bury it in a place you can access easily. Never leave notes for family members or service members on the door as they could attract criminals. Paint the handles of your tools as thieves usually do not want to take things that can be identified easily.