Crime Prevention Tips

Crime is on an increase in most major cities as well as small communities. No wants to be a crime victim which is why it is important to follow the below crime prevention tips to enhance safety. To begin with, you have to acknowledge the fact that you can easily become a target just like any other person. It is therefore important to make sure you do everything possible to enhance security in all aspects of you’re life.  Some of the steps that can be taken include:

In the home

You can start by ensuring a good alarm system is installed just incase anything happens to make sure the relevant authorities get in time incase of crime. You can also get security dogs and a high quality fence that will keep the intruders away.  The doors should have high quality locks that cannot be easily broken into and it is important to make sure the doors are always locked especially at night. This also applies to windows and any other entry points into the house.

For your children

It is vital to let them know that there are bad people out there who might want to harm them thus they need to take good care of themselves. This means that they cannot let in strangers into the house as they might end up harming them. They should also have a couple of emergency numbers off head that can be used to call the relevant authorities in case they are ever in danger. They should also learn not to trust people and should report any fishy people immediately before it is too late.

One self

You can start by taking self defense classes to gain some skills that could save you when faced by a tough situation. While you are walking especially at odd hours of the night, make sure you are not carrying heavy luggage as this can make you an easy target. Avoid walking in dark alleys that do not have many people because even when you are attacked no one can come to your rescue. Arm yourself with defense sprays like mace or pepper sprays that can be made at home and weapons like stun guns and air tasers. This helps to reduce the damage that could have been caused by the assailants and attackers as it increases the chances of one escaping.

Try and avoid walking alone especially at night as this makes you an easy target. Make sure at least one or two people know where you are and expected time of arrival so that they can raise alarm incase you are not back on time. Do not be afraid to scream as loudly as you can when attacked as this can help scare of the criminal as well as attract the attention of other people to come and save you. While driving, make sure all the doors are locked and you park in a place that is crowded as secluded places can attract the criminals. If you notice that someone is following you for a long distance, drive fast and look for the nearest police station instead of heading home.